Per importare in PRO/Intralink un file dump precedentemente esportato bisogna eseguire lo script (la oracle system password di default è “manager”):

ilink_import [oracle system password] [dump file location]

che dovrà essere eseguito dal seguente percorso:

<Data Server Loadpoint>intralinkexport

Se spostate o cambiate nome al server di intralink vi verrà restituito questo errore:

” Cannot connect to the specified nfs server, serverA (***) Ensure that the file server is running, and that the owner of the file server process has permission to read/write to the file vault location(s).

If…… Technical Support.”

(***) still recognize the old servername

Ecco la soluzione:

IF I remember correct you have to use sqlplus for Intralink 3.4 for 3.3 it was svrmgrl

It is your own risk. Make a dumpfile first.

The commands for intralink 3.4 are in a command prompt:
sqlplus internal/change_on_install
select * from pdm.pdm_pool;
update pdm.pdm_pool set poolhost=’servername’;
update pdm.pdm_fileserver set fsvhost=’servername’;
select poolhost from pdm.pdm_pool;
select poolpath from pdm.pdm_pool;
select fsvhost from pdm.pdm_fileserver;

Change the servername with your servername.
The select lines is only for you to be able to check in information in oracle.
If the path to the filevault also have changed you can change it with this command. Change path with your path:
udate pdm.pdm_pool set poolpath=’path’;

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